The Mystery of the Pink Dolphin

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Genre: Documentary, Nature & Wildlife, Science
 Eric Ellena
Format: Color, PAL, 16/9
Region: All Regions/Zones
Languages: English, French
Release Date: January 2016
Length: 52 minutes
DVD Distributer: L’Harmattan

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Hiding in a narrow branch of a river, deep within the Amazon rainforest, is a strange animal that one wouldn’t expect to find here, thousands of kilometres away from the ocean: the “pink river dolphin,” one of the most mysterious and extraordinary species of the animal kingdom.

Where does it come from? How different is it from other dolphins? How was it able to adapt to this lush, tropical rainforest environment? Are they descendants of a marine species, or do they belong to an entirely separate lineage born in ancient times?

Scientists have been struggling to reconstruct the evolutionary course of this long overlooked creature. Now thanks to a recent discovery, they are finally able to retrace its origins and its incredible adaptation that has spanned over 25 million years. Join them on this remarkable scientific adventure as they unravel the mystery of the pink dolphin…