Jobs & Internships


We often employ numerous French and foreign interns for a minimum of 3 months, unless they are editing interns in which case the minimum time is shorter. The internships are very productive and interns have a well-defined role in the company. Interns are typically placed as assistant production managers, assistant editors, assistant video technicians or administrative assistants. If you are interested in assuming an internship with us, please send your CV to:

Actors & Audiovisual Technicians

We would prefer to receive your CVs and photos by mail as we do not always have the time to print out e-mails. We file them under the appropriate categories of ‘actors’ or ‘technicians’ and then, we contact you directly when we need your assistance. We have worked with technicians from South Africa, India, USA, England, Kenya, China, Germany and Turkey. Since we are a relatively small company and we face numerous budget restrictions, we are looking to work with actors and technicians who are willing to work for a modest stipend or for a fixed-amount (this refers in particular to editing work and directing). At the moment, we are looking for experienced video cameramen, sound engineers and voiceover actors. Please send us your demo reels and CVs to our address below:

French Connection Films
12 rue Lamartine
75009 Paris