The Mists of Mwanenguba

DVD Details

Director: Guillaume De Ginestel
Format: Color, PAL, 16/9
Region: All Regions/Zones
Languages: English, French
Release Date: 2011
Length: 52 minutes (documentary) / 14 minutes (bonus)

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The African continent still contains numerous unexplored regions. Recently, one of these lost worlds was discovered in Cameroon, by a British researcher from the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens. At the foot of a volcano, Martin Cheek discovered a dense tropical forest, miraculously preserved and full of endemic plant species. In only a few expeditions, his team man-aged to inventory over two hundred previously unknown plant species, including orchids,types of coffee plants, and fig-trees.

Their discoveries attracted the attention of other NGO’s, including CRES, an organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered animal species. Upon exploring this region, CRES members discovered that it constituted one of the rare sanctuaries where large, silver-faced monkeys called Drills, the cousins of the Mandrill, still live. In 1996, the Drill was designated by the IUCN as the African species most in need of protection.

Following the steps of botanist Martin Cheek and primatologist Bethan Morgan, we explore the enchanting region that surrounds Mount Mwanengouba – a volcano that has stood dormant for millenia. There, we discover its incredible floral and faunal richness as well as landscapes straight out of an Arthur Conan Doyle novel.  We also encounter the Bakossis, a native tribe which believes that each tree of the forest houses the spirit of one of its ancestors, and which fights tirelessly to preserve its region from the increasingly numerous attacks of deforestation.

Bonus Features

  • News Report “Behind-the-Scenes” of the film (14′)