“Masters of Dreams” Documentary on Iconic Italian Jewelry Houses to Screen at New York University

Buccellati, Bulgari and The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce to sponsor screening of an episode of the newly released documentary series, Masters of Dreams.

An episode about the art and craft of fine jewelry-making in Italy from the new documentary series, “Masters of Dreams,” will be screening at New York University on October 4, 2013.

The screening, sponsored by the world renowned Italian jewelry houses Buccellati and Bulgari and The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, will be directly followed by a panel discussion and question and answer session that will include French Connection Films producers Olivier Roussille and Ken McGrath, as well as Alberto Milani (CEO Buccellati Americas), Alberto Festa (General Manager, Bulgari) and Claudio Bozzo (President, Italy-America Chamber of Commerce).

The documentary series, “Masters of Dreams,” is an international co-production funded principally by French Connection Films and Quasar Multimedia that goes behind-the-scenes of thirteen of the world’s most legendary jewelers to reveal the artistic vision and master craftsmanship involved in the creation of fine jewelry.  The series comprises four episodes, which are based on a geographical location: Italy, France, England, and the Americas.

“This documentary explores the fascinating world of fine jewelry,” said producer Olivier Roussille, “A world that is as close to the art world as it is to true craftsmanship.”

Gemologist Ken McGrath, a producer of the series, has been working in the jewelry industry for the past forty years and conceived the documentary to educate the public. “These pieces are one-of-a-kind, fruits of intensive creative labor that spans several months and, in some cases, several years,” Ken McGrath explained. “Viewers of the films follow the creation of several pieces of jewelry, from start to finish.”

The Italian episode of “Masters of Dreams” sheds light on the inspirations and influences that make Italian jewelry unique. “Italian jewelry is a dynamic legacy of design, style, and craftsmanship that is still evolving with today’s generation,” said Alberto Milani of Buccellati, “The film shows both the historic and modern influences in the field.”

“We are thrilled that the tradition of Italian jewelry-making has been documented and immortalized through this film,” commented Alberto Festa of Bulgari. The film contains interviews with representatives from the jewelry houses Buccellati, Bulgari and Damiani and footage of metal smiths and designers at work.

“Italian design is an integral part of our culture,” said Claudio Bozzo, The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, “This documentary film shows how jewelry plays a part.”

The DVD series will be available for purchase at the screening or can be purchased at:

For those desiring more information, please contact French Connection Films at: jimle@frenchcx.com