Van Gogh’s Ear (Volume 7) The Supernatural Edition



The seventh and final edition of the “Van Gogh’s Ear” anthology, “The Supernatural Edition,” focuses on works featuring the weird, wonderful, imaginary, and thoroughly supernatural. Full of stories, poems, artwork, and various creative essays, the culmination of the “Van Gogh’s Ear” anthology is anything but a smooth, predictable ride; rather, the range of styles and themes sweeps the reader away, promising an unforgettable experience. The ‘supernatural’ theme appears both overtly and subtly, in spirituality and imagination, in experiences both real and ethereal. Edited by Felice Picano, this volume features works by an international contingent of authors, including Jorge Artajo, Camille Feinberg, Fern C.Z. Carr, Samuel Ace, Saint James Harris Wood, Edmund White, Imani Tolliver, McArthur Gunther, Steven Reigns, Reginald T. Jackson, and Jayanta Mahapatra. Particular treats include a social commentary by Plutarch, a short story by Turkish writer Serdar Türkeli, and a nonfiction piece about riding on Juan Peron’s coffin by travel journalist Michael Luongo.

Contributors include

Franklin Abbott
Samuel Ace
Dominic Ambrose
Apollonious of Rhodes
Rob Arnold
Ian Ayres
Margo Berdechevsky
Perry Brass
Jason Cant
Fern G.Z.Carr
M. Christian

Robert Cole
David Gerrold
Corey Green
Richard Halperin
Trebor Healey
Walter Hollander
Andrew Holleran
Reginald T. Jackson
Daniel M. Jaffe
Michael Luongo
Jayanta Mahapatra

Jeff Mann
Austin McCarron
Gunther McArthur
Carlos T. Mock
Felice Picano
Jerry Pyle
Steven Reigns
Charles Silverstein
Matthew Silverstein
D.N. Simmers

T.M. Spirit
Imani Tolliver
Paul Trachtenberg
Serdar Turkeli
Phillip Ward
Edmund White
Terry Wolverton
Saint James Harris Wood

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