Van Gogh’s Ear the critically-acclaimed international prose & poetry English series


About the Anthology

In 2002, French Connection Press launched an anglophone anthology series that brought together the very best in prose and poetry by major voices and innovative new talent from around the globe. Based in Paris, France and published in conjunction with Allen Ginsberg’s Committee on Poetry in New York, “Van Gogh’s Ear” breaks new ground by introducing a community of poets, novelists, artists, political activists, celebrity legends, and never-before-heard voices from all walks of life whose work stems from the traditional to the experimental, daring, thought-provoking, and imaginative. Distributed and sold throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa and Australia, this internationally acclaimed seven-volume series has become an affluent resource for universities, teachers, students and readers alike. Include “Van Gogh’s Ear” in your collection today!


Made for an increasingly demanding and fast-paced world, this astoundingly diverse compendium is alive with multifaceted realities that can be experienced in any order, allowing a great way to take a quick immediate break and be instantly transported into many and varied emotions.
— THOM NICKELS, author & poet


The incredible diversity created by bringing together so many different styles and schools (shades of Beat, New York School, European modernism, postmodern avant-garde abound) makes Van Gogh’s Ear seem more like an all-inclusive and highly definitive anthology of modern poetry than just another thrown-together journal.
— MARK TERRILL, author & poet